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Fire Ant STE flame projector

The FireAnt is a compact propane flame effect designed for theatre, concert and theme park use. FireAnt is available in various models with the 'STE' model being the mid-level. FireAnt-STE includes a manual pendant for firing the flame effect complete with E-stop, a "link" option to allow you to fire multiple FireAnts (at the same time) from one pendant, full DMX control with link, additional safety features including double block valves, flash-back arrestor, filter and pressure regulators.

FireAnt-STE has spark ignition with a very fast response time and comes with an internal flame height adjustment as well as a secondary external height adjustment. These two adjustments combine to allow the operator to set the maximum flame height (internal adjustment) and then use the secondary external adjuster to vary the flame height between its lowest setting and that of the primary adjustment. In this way the maximum flame height can never be exceeded.

FireAnt-STE represents a cost effective way to create dramatic sequenced chases of flame (when used in multiples) with up to 220 Fire Ants running from one lighting desk. The height of the flame can be varied from 30cm to over 200cm and runs from a standard propane (LPG) gas bottle.

Fire Ant 'STE' specs:

Availability: 4 weeks from order

Finishes Available: Black epoxy powder-coated as standard

Product Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 350mm (height)

Product Weight: 12 kg

Power Requirements: 240v 50Hz 6Amp

Other Requirements: Propane (LPG) gas supply of 4 Bar(max)