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The latest addition to the Fire Ant range. The Compact is, as it’s name suggests, much smaller than the other variations in the range which makes it easier to conceal and less obtrusive when on stage.

Whilst the effect of the Compact unit is the same as the other Fire Ants, namely a streamer or column of flame up to 2m high, this is where the similarity ends.

Designed to run from a standard propane bottle, the Fire Ant Compact has a sophisticated burner control and flame monitoring system built-in, as standard. Ignition of the main flame effect is via a small pilot flame - ensuring absolute 100% ignition. The pilot flame is ignited via spark ignition and has full ionisation flame monitoring. Should the pilot flame fail to ignite on the first attempt or extinguish for what ever reason, the flame monitoring will detect this and automatically attempt to re-strike the pilot. Should a second attempt to light the pilot fail then it can be assumed that there is a problem and the system will automatically shut down and an indicator will illuminate to signal that a manual re-set is required.

The height of the flame effect can be varied from just a few centimetres to over 2m and a pressure gauge us included to give an indication of the size effect selected. Connections are all vie quick-connects.

Control is via DMX512 and via two channels, one for pilot ignition and one for the main effect

Fire Ant Compact specs:

Power Requirements: 240V 50Hz 1-phase

Control: DMX512, two channel integral flame monitoring

Product Dimensions: 220mm x 220mm x 360mm

Product Weight: 12 kg

Finishes Available: Black as standard (other colours to order)

Other Requirements: Propane (LPG) gas supply