BSTE History

Established in 2000, Back Stage Technologies (BST Europe) has continued to grow in-line with demand for its services and has built upon its reputation for providing bespoke special effects for the theme park, museum and visitor attraction industries. With expansion into The Middle East and Asia, BST Europe continues to supply an increasing client base with very special effects!

BST also manufacture a range of professional consumables including; smoke, fog, haze, bubble, snow, foam and fragrance fluids. Each product can be personalised with clients details using our in-house printing facilities and the properties of each effect can be changed to increase or decrease hang time and opacity (in the case of smoke fluids) and to reduce wetting and residue in the case of bubble and snow fluids.

BST also has a full 2D and 3D CAD facility in-house together with fabrication workshop, laser cutting, powder coating and 3D printing.

Having expanded from 1 to 4 small industrial units, BST Europe consolidated in 2012 and purchased one larger facility with offices, warehousing and manufacturing all under one roof and, at the same time, invested in two remote explosive stores for the storage of HT4 and HT1 material - enabling future expansion of the pyrotechnics and fireworks side of the business.

International Business

BST Europe are a completely separate business and not associated with a second company of a very similar name based in the USA. However, BST Europe are pleased to be represented in the USA by
Merlin Production Solutions, based in Atlanta. Merlin Technologies