SensoryScent 200

Scent 3000 is a scent machine using advanced nanotechnology to distribute scents which are stimulating to the senses. With a CFM (cubic feet per minute) of 3000, it shows just how powerful the scent distributor is in this scent delivery machine. The aromas can travel as far as 5000 cubic metres allowing the fragrances to reach a vast amount of space, ideal for industries such as theme parks, cine-mas and theaters to produce a truly immerse and mesmeric experience.

The system has stylish aesthetics which could be discretely placed in any area along with a virtually silent design so that the scents can appear without any knowledge of where they came from. The distribution of the aromas spread through the atmosphere evenly and can be identified throughout the time between each diffusion. The scent delivery system is easily operated with simple buttons to adjust the settings and refined oils can be rapidly replaced so valuable time is not wasted. If the concentration of oils needs to be altered this can be quickly achieved and with a 24 hour on/off timer the scents can be diffused at times which suit you. If it is easier to keep the Scent 3000 on an automatic mode this is also an option. HVAC (Heat-ing, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) can be connected up to the product to allow a flow of scent through these appliances.

Each of our scent machines are monitored and carefully checked to ensure quality assurance and certification that the product covers official regulations is shown by the CE, EMC, RoHS and FCC markings. The SensoryScent 3000 is one of the latest in our scent machines range and would be perfect for a variety of industries.

  • Connect to HVAC, covering 3000 cubic metres
  • CE FCC ROSH Certification
  • 24 hours on / off timing by you
  • Automatic mode comfortable and enjoyable
  • Ultra-quiet design and presentable
  • The normal temperature atomization natural and pure
  • Fragrance distributed evenly, lasting
  • Advanced nanotechnology make essential oil particles more exquisite, no residues
  • Adjustable concentration of aroma easy to control
  • Professional quality assurance

Scent 3000 specs:

  • Power source: Electrical
  • Certification: CE, EMC, RoHS, FCC, ROSH, FCC
  • Area 3000m²
  • Model Name: Scent 3000
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight 4.5KG
  • Type: nanotechnology
  • Capacity (CFM): 3000
  • Power: 30W
  • Size: W260*D110*H310mm
  • Volume: <20dba
  • Oil Capacity: 500ml
  • Voltage (V): 110-120