Megatron 'Ice cannon' is a liquid nitrogen, fog cannon used in some of the biggest nightclubs in the World Terrafog is a very high powered smoke/fog machine Expansion Fogger creates very large volumes of low lying fog CO2 Jet Fog Effect CO2 Lance Fog Effect system G300 Jet Pack Enhancer
CO2 jet fog machine

The CO2 Jet uses liquid CO2 from a standard 50 Bar, liquid decant, bottle and produces a large plume of cold white fog.

The CO2 jet comes with full DMX control and is both small and compact so easily hidden from view and mounted within scenic items. The unit comes complete with quick-disconnect fitting on the liquid CO2 side and adjustable angle horn for the output. This is a DMX link to allow for multiple units to be daisy-chained together.

CO2 Jet specs:

  • Availability: 2 weeks from receipt of order
  • Finishes Available: Powder coated
  • Product Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm x 100mm
  • Product Weight: 3kg
  • Power Requirements: 250V 50Hz 3Amp
  • Other Requirements: Liquid CO2 at maximum 50Bar


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