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CO<sub>2</sub> lance fog machine

The CO2 Lance uses high pressure, liquid CO2, to create stunning, hand-held, freezing cold blasts of fog.

Designed to be hand held, the CO2 Lance is great when fired from a stage or nightclub balcony, over the heads of the crowd. The immense noise and huge blast of ice cold fog create an instant impact with any audience.

The CO2 Lance connects directly to any standard bottle of CO2 (with a dip tube for liquid decant) and is designed to run up to a maximum pressure of 50Bar.

The unit comes complete with a high pressure, stainless steel braided, hose to connect the unit to the bottle and 5m power cable for connection to a standard electrical supply. The unit is then simply fired by pressing the handle mounted fire button.

It is highly recommend that this unit is not used indoors or in confined spaces unless a CO2 monitor is utilised by the operator to monitor levels of CO2 in the venue - thus ensuring safety limits are not exceeded.

The CO2 Lance can blast a jet of fog over 10m depending on humidity and wind conditions.

CO2 Lance specs:

  • Effect size: 5 - 10 metres
  • Finishes Available: black as standard
  • Product Dimensions: 1000mm x 140mm (diam)
  • Product Weight: 5kg
  • Power Requirements: 230V 50Hz 1-phase
  • Other Requirements: Liquid CO2 at maximum 50Bar


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