Megatron 'Ice cannon' is a liquid nitrogen, fog cannon used in some of the biggest nightclubs in the World Terrafog is a very high powered smoke/fog machine Expansion Fogger creates very large volumes of low lying fog CO2 Jet Fog Effect CO2 Lance Fog Effect system G300 Jet Pack Enhancer
RExpansion Fogger - low fog effects machine

The BST cryogenic Expansion Fogger is a large and sophisticated piece of equipment that uses liquid nitrogen to create very large volumes of low lying fog. Our Expansion Fogger is ideal for powering large fog curtains, filling large spaces with low lying (dry ice style) fog extremely quickly for masks or reveals, simulating blasts of smoke in 3D theatres, back projection or anywhere that requires large volumes of fog/smoke that disappears quickly, is non-toxic and does not effect PCB's or intelligent lighting like glycol smoke machines can.

The Expansion Fogger heats a large volume of water and holds it at the perfect temperature inside its insulated tank creating the perfect humid conditions for fog generation. Liquid nitrogen is then sprayed into the humid atmosphere within the tank and the resultant fog is blown out by the powerful fan. The fog can be ducted to where it is needed and is perfectly safe for use inside. The filling of the tank, heating, liquid injection, monitoring etc. is all automatic - you simply have to press a button for huge volumes of fog!


Expansion Fogger specs:

  • Availability: 6 weeks from receipt of order
  • Finishes Available: NA
  • Product Dimensions: NA
  • Power Requirements: 415V 3-phase 26kW
  • Other Requirements: Liquid Nitrogen, compressed air supply



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