Firestation flame effects controller

The Firestation is the first, purpose built, propane flame effect control system for the entertainment industry. This extremely sophisticated system is simple to use, fast to set-up and comprehensive in it’s flexibility and facilities.

Based around a ruggedised touch screen, the PLC based system gives simple, concise and instant feedback to the operator of the state of each flame effect head.

Simple to set-up, the Firestation has a single multi-core cable that plugs into our range of effects including; Phoenix, FireAnt, Dragon Cough and Liquid Fire. The Firestation automatically recognizes the type of effect that has been plugged into it and sets itself up to provide all the touch screen control you need for that particular effect.

Firestation allows you to fire each effect individually or in multiples, manually, from a simple touch screen button, in addition Firestation allows you to programme sophisticated sequences and recall these at will. A DMX interface within the Firestation allows you to assign functions to different DMX channels and therefore run a fire show from a standard DMX desk whilst maintaining the safety features incorporated within the system itself.

Firestation also allows you to change the height of flame effects remotely and gives a full graphical representation of this on the touch screen. Each flame effect is represented on the screen by a graphic image giving easy to understand feedback of pilot ignition, flame ignition, accumulator pressure and lock-out condition.

In addition to all the above features, Firestation can also monitor the carbon monoxide (CO) in a venue and the temperature above the flame heads; it show this, in real time, on the screen in an easy to understand graphic representation and can be set to shut the flame system down if either monitor exceeds preset safety limits. This information can also be printed out, via a laptop connection, to give a graph of temperature and Carbon monoxide over time.

The system comes with a manual “fire” button if the touch screen “fire” buttons are not used, an Emergency stop button, key switch isolation and dead-mans handle.

Firestation specs:

  • Power Requirements: 230V 50Hz 1-phase
  • Effects Controlled: 12 maximum
  • Product Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 200mm
  • Product Weight: 24kg
  • Rating: IP 67
  • Compatible with: Fire Ant, Phoenix, Liquid Fire and Dragon Cough