Phoenix flame projector

Named after the mythological bird that was reborn from fire, the Phoenix is a small, accumulator based, propane flame effect system.

Designed to run from a standard propane bottle, and utilising an accumulator in order to comply with the HELA regulations for flame effects in front of an audience, the Phoenix is capable of shooting a large fire ball to a height 8m (25 feet).

The Phoenix is available in an epoxy powder-coated steel case for fixed installations and a flight case for touring and portable applications. Connections are via quick-connects.

Each unit is controllable via DMX512 with separate channels utilised to fill the accumulator and to fire the effect.

The size of the fire ball is adjustable from the propane supply bottle - negating the need to access the unit to change the size of effect. When operated from our Firestation propane control system the height can be varied remotely.

Phoenix specs:

  • Power Requirements: 230V 50Hz 1-phase
  • Control: DMX512 - 2 channels
  • Product Dimensions: 780mm x 380mm x 560mm
  • Product Weight: 35kg
  • Effect Size: 1 - 8 metres
  • Other Requirements: propane gas