Megatron 'Ice cannon' is a liquid nitrogen, fog cannon used in some of the biggest nightclubs in the World Terrafog is a very high powered smoke/fog machine Expansion Fogger creates very large volumes of low lying fog CO2 Jet Fog Effect CO2 Lance Fog Effect system G300 Jet Pack Enhancer
Terrafog - ice cannon simulator - smoke machine

Terrafog is a very high powered smoke/fog machine specifically designed to create large "blasts" of fog to simulate the fog cannons seen in some large nightclubs - but at a fraction of the cost! Outputs from 1,660cfm to 8,900cfm.

Terrafog uses smoke machine technology combined with liquid CO2 and nitrogen gas to create a very high velocity blast of cold fog that acts light dry ice and vanishes very quickly. Designed to work in conjunction with the LeMaitre G300 smoke machine, this unit is equally at home with most other makes of high-out put machine.

With its patented technology, Terrafog can deliver the effect all nightclubs want but to date have been unable to afford. The unit is DMX controllable when used with a LeMaitre G300 smoke machine that has the DMX remote and Freeze fog pro modification and comes completely flightcased and with lockable castors. Also included are all hoses and regulators.

Terrafog can also run from compressed air (in place of the CO2  and nitrogen) if the cold-fog effect is not required and purely a visible effect is needed.

Terrafog specs:

  • Availability: 4 weeks from receipt of order
  • Finishes Available: Standard flightcase
  • Product Dimensions: 1220mm x 600mm x 765mm
  • Power Requirements: 240V 50Hz 13Amps
  • Other Requirements: Nitrogen gas, liquid CO2



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