CO2 jet special effects hardware
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BST CO2 jets

Our CO2 jets use high quality Italian valves (not inferior Chinese units) and can produce shot heights of up to 8-12m. Finished in black epoxy powder coat and fabricated from high gauge steel plate these units not only look good but they perform as well!

Each jet has a quick-connect input for ease of hose (supplied) connection and for fast set-up on touring work.

The head can be angled through 180° and locked-off for diagonal shots and criss-cross effects.

The unit comes with anti-slip, rubber, feet for stable operation on stage as well as a central pivot to allow the head to be rotated through 360°without having to re-position the base plate - ideal when cable runs have already been taped down or the unit has be fixed to a truss!

Each jet is fully addressable and controllable via DMX512 and has both an XLR input and output for linking effects.

Power is provided by a unique 230V power connector with threaded, locking, collar so the connection is not only water proof but cannot be pulled out accidently. A second power output is provided for daisy-chaining to the next CO2 Jet if required.

This professional unit comes with a separate filter and manometer unit which connects inline (between the head and the CO2 bottle) via a second hose (supplied). This filter unit ensures debris does not enter the head and cause a possible blockage in the main effect valve as well as filtering our water droplets to avoid the valve from freezing-up. A large, glycerol filled, pressure gauge is also provided on the filter unit so you can monitor the CO2 pressure and easily identify if you have any leaks or drop-off in supply.

Manual over-ride is also provided on the side of the unit to ease set-up and for testing projection angles prior to locking-off the head.

Size: 400 x 400 x 600mm. Weight: 17kg

Specification at a glance

  • Large shot height, up to 12m
  • Head can be angled through 180°, swivelled through 360° and locked-off
  • Fully DMX addressable with XLR input and XLR link
  • Separate filter unit for CO2 conditioning
  • Pressure gauge for accurate supply monitoring & leak detection
  • Twin, quick-connect, hoses included
  • Lockable power cable input and link
  • Manual over-ride for local testing and setup
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