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PFM-3 Fragrance Machine

Designed in built in Great Britain specifically for the theme park and 4D cinema industries, the PFM-3 fragrance machine is a professional fragrance delivery system capable of dispensing up to three separate fragrances, very quickly, over great distances and with DMX and LAN onboard, the selection of each fragrance takes just milliseconds.

Unlike most fragrance machines on the market that utilise a small plastic fan to distribute the fragrance, the PFM-3 boasts a powerful, cast aluminium, radial blower to blast the fragrance into the space thus reaching all corners of an auditorium very quickly. The output from the blower is infinitely variable so the speed of fragrance distribution and depth of coverage can be controlled. The blower can also be used independently of the fragrance system to act as a powerful wind machine and to disperse fragrances that have already been generated. With a high volume output and an astonishing pressure, distribution of fragrance to a distance of 10m takes just seconds - and keeps going!

By filling the three reservoirs with complimentary fragrances these can be combined, by selecting pairs of fragrances or all three at the same time, if you want! Mix strawberry and Vanilla for strawberry cheesecake or wood smoke and engine oil for a burning pirate ship scenario! We have over 400 standard fragrances (see current list) within our range and bespoke fragrances can also be created if required.

The machine can be flown from its suspension bracket or floor mounted and the fragrances come in convenient aluminium canisters which can be easily, quickly and cleanly swapped out when required - meaning no mess!

The PFM-3 is equally at home in a 4D cinema, a theme park dark ride or on stage during a concert or theatre production.

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