Premium Smoke Fluid

Premium Smoke Fluid

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Premium Smoke Fluid is our general purpose fluid exhibiting excellent opacity and medium hang-time. An industry standard fluid for use in nightclubs, theatres, by mobile DJ’s and small concert work. Our most popular fluid out-stripping all other fluids combined (by units sold). Can be used in smoke machines of all qualities.

Most manufacturers of smoke fluid use de-mineralised water in their blends but BST use de-mineralised water just as a starting point! The water is then passed through a further 2-stage reverse osmosis procedure and then ultra-violet sterilisation to ensure the water used in their products is as pure and safe as commercially possible. Having adopted this process for ALL its fluids you can be assured of the very best quality regardless of whether you buy a 40 foot shipping container of fluid (as some of our customers do!) per month or just the occasional 5 litre bottle!

BST produce a range of “standard” fluids as well as manufacturing special formulations to meet specific customer needs. With extensive knowledge in the production of smoke fluids, BST can advise on and manufacture a fluid with the particular characteristics required by the customer – taking into consideration; smoke density, opacity, hang-time, speed of dispersal, cost, fragrance, colour and packaging.

You can buy any of our standard range smoke fluids online although if you require your own label, larger quantities or a fluid to fulfil and specific need, then please contact our offices for expert advice and prices.