Fragrance and aroma effects hardware

Aromas add that extra dimension to any indoor attraction helping build a feeling in the guest of actually being there or evoking memories; heightening the experience and leaving them wanting more.

Whether aromas are used to subtly set-the-scene within the queue line on a dark ride, to hit-home a dramatic scene in a movie theatre or just to entice the customer to buy a cup of coffee! Fragrances and aromas are the invisible special effect that is usually the most memorable.

Points to consider, before selecting a machine, are;

  1. Size of space to be fragranced
  2. How quickly the fragrance needs to be produced
  3. Number of fragrances required

BST can recommend a machine for your particular application; taking into consideration the above points. Try our popular Commercial Fragrance System (CFS-5); the PFM-3 fragrance machine is a professional fragrance delivery system capable of dispensing up to three separate fragrances or maybe our MultiScent Mini and MultiScent Maxi machines and the SensoryScent range (200, 300, 600, 3000 & 5000) BST also manufacture and distribute other machines for specific applications include; outdoor work and 3D/4D cinema installations.

If you can't find what you need in this selection, we also have a range of equipment both made-to-order and second hand - please enquire for details on monthly second hand bargains as well as any specific effect you may require.


We have over 400 “standard” aromas (see current list) that we have developed over the years but we are designing new ones all the time. There is nothing we can’t do, from champagne to old socks and from dinosaur breath to burning car tyres! Let your imagination run wild!