BST’s trademarked Fake Flame™ product is an ideal solution for applications where a flame/fire effect is desirable but just not practical from a safety or logistical perspective.

Fake Flame™ is manufactured in standard widths although almost any size can be made to order. Standard sizes include; 0.5, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5m wide.

The Fake Flame™ system works best in low light levels and indoor applications so is ideal for dark rides and theatre use. Fake Flame™ is manufactured in both a surface mounted version as well as a flush mounting option – ideal should the effect need to be hidden from view in a stage for example.

Fake Flame™ can run continually or can be cued with a simple contact closure or DMX512 to order and is also available in both a standard and IP65 versions.

Fake Flame™ is far safer than real fire and trained actors can even walk through it or stand within it which opens-up a whole range of creative possibilities.

To further enhance the realism, Fake Flame™ can be augmented with audio fire effects, radiant heat sources and wood smoke fragrances. With the full complement of associated effects, Fake Flame™ not only looks like real fire but it sounds, smells and feels like real fire!

With Fake Flame™ you can now have a fire effect where previously you thought it would not be possible!

Simple controls allow the style of flame to be changed and the low cost lamps are easily replaced when necessary.

Flame FX at a glance:

Product Effect
Effect Size
Flame Monitoring
Indoor / Outdoor
Fake Flame Fire Wall


If you can't find what you need in this selection, we also have a range of equipment both made-to-order and second hand - please enquire for details on monthly second hand bargains as well as any specific effect you may require.